BLACKPINK’s Jennie Launches Her Own Label ODDATELIER

Jennie of BLACKPINK has taken a significant step in her career by establishing her label, ODDATELIER. This move comes after YG Entertainment confirmed the renewal of exclusive contracts for BLACKPINK’s group activities.

ODDATELIER: A Space for Unconventional Creations

Founded by Jennie in November 2023, ODDATELIER was launched with a vision to craft uniquely standout creations. The website’s description reads:

“OA, which stands for ODDATELIER, is a space that aims to create new things that attract attention in a different way from what is usual or expected.” Though high traffic has temporarily brought down the website, it mirrors Jennie’s artistic vision and dedication to unique, innovative creations.

Jennie’s Continued Commitment to BLACKPINK

Despite her solo venture, Jennie and the other BLACKPINK members have recently renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment for group activities. This implies that BLACKPINK will continue to release new albums and embark on world tours under YG’s support.

A Special Christmas Cover for Fans

In a heartwarming gesture, Jennie announced on December 23 that she would be releasing a special Christmas cover for BLACKPINK fans, the BLINKs, on December 24. She shared this news through adorable Christmas-themed graphics on her Instagram stories, along with a clip from the recording studio.

Jennie’s Global Influence

Jennie is known not only for her role in BLACKPINK but has also achieved considerable success on her own. Her solo tracks, including SOLO released in November 2018 and You & Me in October 2023. Her influence extends beyond music into the fashion industry, where she holds ambassadorships for various well-known brands.

Fans’ Anticipation for ODDATELIER

Fans are eagerly awaiting more details on Jennie’s label ODDATELIER and her upcoming Christmas cover. Curious fans have already discovered the label’s private Instagram and Twitter accounts, indicating that Jennie is almost ready to officially announce her new venture in 2024.

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