My Demon Episode 9 Recap and Review

* This review contains spoilers for Episode 9 of My Demon

My Demon is a captivating fantasy romantic-comedy series revolving around a demon, Jung Gu-Won, who unexpectedly loses his powers. In a twist of fate, he becomes entangled with Do Do-Hee, the spirited and assertive heir to the Mirei Group. Gu-Won must form a marriage contract with Do-Hee, as she becomes the key to regaining his abilities. Their relationship soon evolves from a contractual agreement to a hellish romantic entanglement.

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Episode 9: The Unmasked Truth

Episode 9 of My Demon picks up with last episode’s emotional love confession between Gu-Won (Song Kang) and Do-Hee (Kim Yoo-Jung). After they complete their steamy kiss, we learn that Gu-Won’s powers are no longer flickering.

The two head home and consummate their marriage, marking a new chapter in their relationship. The next morning Gu-Won wakes up and stares at a sleeping Do-Hee, wondering if love is why humans willingly become foolish.

The two celebrate their renewed union by returning to the hotel where they first met. Do-Hee then tells Gu-Won that she is taking the day off from work, leading him to suggest they do couple activities. They have a delightful ‘couple’ date near the Han River. It’s an adorable scene, letting us see these two finally have fun in each others’ company.

A perfect day out

While walking with Do-Hee, Gu-Won reveals more about life as a demon, and their origins as guardians of humans. Do-Hee then says that he is her guardian. Gu-Won also shows his playful side, sulking when Do-Hee refuses to call him “hubby”.

After their fun-filled day, they return home. They suddenly realize someone is inside their apartment, causing them both to tense up. Fortunately, it turns out to just be Do-Hee’s assistant.

We then see that Do-Hee is still badly affected by memories of the recent attempt on her life. Gu-won invites her to dance with him, hoping to replace the bad memories with happy ones.

Family matters

Meanwhile, Seok-Min (Kim Tae-Hoon) is aggressively pushing for a special stockholders’ meeting to elect him as chairman. He also reveals plans for his son Do-Kyung (Kang Seung-Ho), intending to make him work for his position in the company.

We get a flashback to Seok-Min’s past, where he caught his mother Madam Ju (Kim Hae-Sook) standing fully-clothed in the shower. Madam Ju was muttering about washing away her “filthy sins”, and Seok-Min assumed that it was because she was ashamed of her children.

Seok-Min tells Do-Kyung that unlike his mother, he only trusts those related to him, and that he intends to make use of Do-Kyung.

Protecting Do-Hee

The next day, Do-Hee receives papers from Seok-Min, urging her to give up her inheritance legally. Gu-Won encourages her to reconsider, but Do-Hee believes it’s worth it for them to finally have peace.

Seok-Hoon (Lee Sang-Yi) then shows up, and he and Do-Hee discuss her current situation. She tells him that she has no regrets about choosing Gu-Won over her inheritance.

Seok-Hoon speaks to Gu-Won about Do-Hee, warning him not to sit back while Do-Hee risks everything. Gu-Won tells him that he intends to ‘get revenge’ against those who have wronged them.

Gu-Won gets the police to draw a sketch of the assassin. He then heads to the Sunwol Foundation, only to find that the thugs have taken over the building in an attempt to get his approval. He tasks them with finding the assassin, and they rush off.

Gu-Won also has an argument with Ga-Young (Jo Hye-Joo), who is enraged that he is still with Do-Hee. She tells him that he was ‘perfect’ as a demon, and that being human is nothing but suffering. He warns her not to step over the line.

The mastermind revealed

After signing the papers, Do-Hee celebrates the occasion with her assistant, and both of them get drunk. Do-Hee calls Gu-Won to come and pick her up, and he gives her a piggyback ride home.

We then see the assassin getting a message from Abraxas arranging for them to meet. The assassin carries some gasoline to the abandoned theater, but is suddenly attacked by Seok-Min. He tries to escape, but Seok-Min sets the theater on fire to kill him and cover his tracks.

We then learn that Seok-Min was actually Abraxas, and that he masterminded the attempt on Do-Hee’s life and Madam Ju’s death.

Gu-Won loses his powers

The next day, the police have identified the assassin and raid the theater, only to discover a badly burned corpse. They inform Do-Hee and Gu-Won that the assassin is dead, noting that the corpse had a knife sticking out of its chest.

Gu-Won believes that the knife is a message for him, and heads to the Sunwol Foundation. He finds the listening device in his office. Whoever was bugging him must have heard that he could identify the assassin, and killed the man. Gu-Won concludes that the real culprit is still out there.

Before he can do anything about it, he realizes that his powers are completely gone. All his contracts have been voided, including the one with the young girl whom he healed in Episode 3. He rushes to the hospital and sees that she is dying.

A terrible dilemma

Now realizing the full extent of his loss, a desperate Gu-Won hunts down the homeless woman he met in previous episodes. Suspecting that she knows his real identity, he demands answers from her.

She takes him to an underground club, where she reveals that she was the one who gave him his own powers. She tells Gu-Won that his powers have disappeared because they were transferred to Do-Hee, and that he will soon die. In order to get his powers back, Do-Hee must die instead. Gu-Won is horrified and left with an impossible dilemma.

We also see Seok-Hoon meeting with Ga-Young. He asks about Gu-Won, and she spitefully reveals Gu-Won is a demon, saying that he brings misfortune to mankind. We also see a shot of a bleeding Do-Hee on the floor, as the room around her burns.

What we thought of the episode

Episode 9 of My Demon took us through highs and lows, giving us romance, suspense, and dark revelations. The episode also showcased the growing love between Gu-Won and Do-Hee, especially in the first half.

Both Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung continue to be the best reasons to watch My Demon. Their chemistry as Gu-Won and Do-Hee is off the charts here, whether in quieter moments, or in the episode’s more comedic moments.

We also finally discovered the identity of the mastermind; it was Seok-Min all along. While we can’t say that we were entirely surprised, it was still chilling to see the lengths he was willing to go to in order to hide his secret. The revelation of his dark past and his manipulative nature makes him a formidable antagonist.

The episode’s shocking ending also sets the stage for some major drama for our beloved couple. We can’t wait to find out what happens in the next episode of My Demon!

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