A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 12 – Recap and Review

In the emotionally charged 12th episode of A Good Day To Be a Dog, viewers witness Seo-Won’s poignant struggle to rekindle Hae-Na’s memories, which have been erased due to Bo-Gyeom’s spell. The episode is a rollercoaster of emotions, depicting Seo-Won’s unwavering dedication and heartache.

Seo-Won’s Desperate Attempts to Jog Hae-Na’s Memory

Seo-Won, heartbroken by Hae-Na’s memory loss, embarks on a mission to help her remember their shared past. He painstakingly recreates moments they once shared, from cleaning her desk to presenting her with her favourite sweet cakes. His constant presence by her side is a testament to his deep affection and hope for her memory revival.

Bo-Gyeom’s Provocation and Seo-Won’s Jealousy

The episode takes a dramatic turn as Bo-Gyeom captivates Hae-Na’s attention, igniting jealousy in Seo-Won. Despite Seo-Won’s warnings, Bo-Gyeom’s provocations escalate, leading to a physical altercation between the two. Hae-Na’s intervention, pushing Seo-Won away, adds to the episode’s emotional intensity.

Bo-Gyeom’s Revenge and School Rumors

Bo-Gyeom’s quest for revenge, rooted in the past life’s events surrounding Cho Young’s death, reaches a new height. He asks Hae-Na out, sparking school rumours about their relationship, further complicating the emotional landscape of the episode.

Min Ji-Ah’s Discovery and the Mountain God’s Secret

In a parallel storyline, Seo-Won discovers that Min Ji-Ah retains her memories. Her suspicion of Bo-Gyeom’s motives leads her to the mountain god’s abode, where she uncovers crucial details about Cho Young’s past and begins piecing together her previous life’s memories.

Hae-Na’s Conflicted Visit and Seo-Won’s Response

Amidst these revelations, Hae-Na, oblivious to the unfolding drama, visits Seo-Won’s house, where she encounters Yul. Her sense of déjà vu in an unfamiliar place confuses her, leading to a heartfelt confession about her conflicting feelings. Seo-Won’s tender response, offering to clarify her emotions, culminates in a gentle kiss, adding a layer of romance to the episode.

A Blend of Emotion and Mystery

Episode 12 of A Good Day To Be a Dog masterfully shows the emotional turmoil of Seo-Won character after Hae-Na loses her memories of him. That and the mystery of their past lives leave viewers deeply invested in the characters’ journeys.

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