NEWJEANS Captivates at the 65th Japan Record Awards

In a remarkable showcase of talent, K-pop sensation NEWJEANS has left an indelible mark on the Japanese music scene … With their recent achievements at the 65th Japan Record Awards. The group’s dynamic presence and accolades at the prestigious event have further solidified their growing popularity in Japan.

Stellar Performance and Prestigious Accolades

On December 30th, the New National Theater in Tokyo hosted the 65th Japan Record Awards, where NEWJEANS emerged as one of the highlights of the evening. The group was not only invited to perform a medley of their hit songs but also received significant recognition, bagging two coveted awards – the Special Award and the Excellent Project Award.

Chart-Topping Success and Streaming Milestones

Impressive milestones have marked NEWJEANS’ musical journey in Japan. Their single album OMG, released in January, featuring tracks like Ditto and OMG, achieved 100 million cumulative streams on Oricon. Their second EP, Get Up, released in July, rocketed to the top, securing the No. 1 position on Oricon’s Daily Album Rankings on July 21st.

Dominating Oricon and Billboard Japan Charts

The group’s success story extends beyond individual releases. In the 2023 annual charts released by Oricon and Billboard Japan … NEWJEANS ranked as one of the top K-pop artists across several categories. This showcases their widespread appeal and growing influence in the Japanese music industry.

Memorable Performance at Summer Sonic Festival

Further cementing their status in the Japanese music scene, NEWJEANS took to the main stage at Japan’s renowned Summer Sonic Festival in August. Their performance at this leading music festival was a testament to their artistic prowess and popularity among Japanese audiences.

Congratulations, NEWJEANS!

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