THE BOYZ’s Eric On-Stage Injury Raises Concerns

THE BOYZ’s Eric recently suffered an on-stage injury. The incident highlighted the risks associated with the intense and acrobatic choreographies that have become a hallmark of fourth-generation K-Pop. This incident has sparked a broader discussion about the safety of performers in the industry.

The Incident at 2023 MBC Gayo Daejejeon Rehearsal

During a rehearsal for their performance at the 2023 MBC Gayo Daejejeon … Eric from THE BOYZ was involved in a concerning incident. A video captured him landing awkwardly after a high-risk stunt, visibly in pain. The injury was so severe that staff members had to assist him off-stage. At one point, fellow group member Hyunjae carried him.

Netizens’ Reaction to the Risky Choreography

The incident has led to netizens questioning the safety of the choreographies assigned to K-Pop groups. Many pointed out that factors like the performers’ heavy winter clothing, the cold weather, and a potentially slippery stage could have contributed to the mishap. There is growing criticism towards the group’s choreographers, particularly Mihawk, for designing complex and physically demanding routines.

The Debate on Performance Safety in K-Pop

Eric’s injury has reignited a debate on online forums about the increasing pressure on K-Pop idols to perform dangerous stunts. Fans and observers are expressing their concerns over the physical toll these performances can take on the artists, especially in an industry as competitive as K-Pop.

Rethinking Choreography Complexity

In March 2023, Eric took time out from the group to concentrate on his health. This incident with THE BOYZ’s Eric serves as a stark reminder of the need to balance artistic expression with the physical well-being of performers.

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