K-pop News 070124: SEVENTEEN, NEWJEANS, I’VE and more

It is a slow day in the world of Korean Entertainment but here are some of the more notable stories today. Without further ado, let’s dive into the K-pop News roundup for January 7, 2024.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Opens Up About His Bad Breath on TV Show

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon recently made a surprisingly relatable confession on the first episode of tvN’s ‘Nana Tour with SEVENTEEN.’ The show, which saw the group taken on an impromptu trip to Italy by producer Na Young Seok, featured a candid moment from Vernon.

As SEVENTEEN embarked on their unexpected journey to Italy, Vernon was notably subdued, keeping his head down under a cap. Unlike his excited bandmates, Vernon revealed the reason behind his quiet demeanour.

He confessed that he was self-conscious about his bad breath, having been woken up abruptly and given only 3 minutes to prepare for the trip. “I couldn’t stand my bad breath, and I wasn’t in a clean condition. I couldn’t speak because I couldn’t stand my bad breath,” Vernon explained.

Producer Na Young-Seok reassured Vernon, “It’s okay. You’re fine. Everyone here is kind of dirty.” Wonwoo further lightened the mood by sharing his experience of being walked in on while in his underwear, adding a humorous touch to the situation.

NEWJEANS Praised for Red Carpet Styling at Golden Disk Awards

At the 38th Golden Disc Awards held at Jakarta International Stadium, NEWJEANS turned heads with their unique styling choices. Their appearance on the red carpet sparked a flurry of positive reactions on social media and online communities. Fans and netizens praised their looks, with comments like “They are so pretty” and “It’s not a traditional red carpet look but I love how it suits the members.”

(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Becomes Fendi’s Brand Ambassador

In another exciting development, (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi has been named the latest brand ambassador for luxury fashion house Fendi. Fendi announced this on their official Weibo account, sharing Yuqi’s campaign photos and highlighting her strong fashion expression and compatibility with the brand’s image.

IVE’s I AM MV Hits 200 Million Views

In a significant achievement, IVE’s music video for I AM has surpassed 200 million views on YouTube. This milestone, reached on January 6, marks the group’s fourth music video to hit this mark, following ELEVEN, LOVE DIVE, and After LIKE. Congratulations to IVE on this accomplishment! The group is also gearing up for their first world tour, SHOW WHAT I HAVE, in 2024.

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