Lee Sun-Kyun Extortion Case: Actress and Club Manager Charged

Former actress ‘A’ and entertainment manager ‘B’ face prosecution for extorting actor Lee Sun-Kyun for 350 million KRW. The Incheon Police Narcotics Crime Investigation Division announced the charges on January 5.

Independent Criminal Acts by Both Suspects

The police determined that ‘A’ and ‘B’ committed their offences independently. ‘A,’ aged 28, faces charges of extortion and attempted extortion, while ‘B,’ aged 29, is charged with extortion.

Extortion Details and Demands

‘A’ is accused of extorting 50 million KRW from Lee Sun Gyun after demanding 200 million KRW. She threatened to have ‘B’ arrested for drug use and to recover 300 million KRW given to ‘B.’ ‘B’ allegedly extorted 300 million KRW from Lee Sun-Kyun, claiming a hacker threatened to expose their relationship.

Backgrounds of the Accused

‘A’ previously acted in minor film roles, while ‘B’ is being prosecuted for drug-related offences. Both have criminal histories, with ‘A’ convicted of fraud and ‘B’ having six drug offences.

Retaliatory Actions and Relationship Breakdown

The relationship between ‘A’ and ‘B’ deteriorated over time, leading to ‘A’ physically attacking ‘B’ and reporting her for drug use. This act is believed to be retaliation for the failure to extort money from Lee Sun-Kyun.

A tragic end

Actor Lee Sun-Kyun tragically passed away on December 27 at the age of 48, amidst the turmoil of the extortion case.

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