Privacy Breach at Wife Play Starring GIRLS’ GENERATION’s Sooyoung

GIRLS’ GENERATION’s Sooyoung recently faced a disturbing invasion of privacy during a performance of the play Wife. On January 7, the play’s production company issued a statement concerning a severe security breach. Despite efforts to apprehend the individual, they eluded capture due to a blind spot in the theatre’s security system.

Unauthorized Photography of Sooyoung on Stage

The incident involved an audience member taking multiple unsanctioned photographs of Sooyoung during a costume change on stage. A netizen reported that during a scene where Sooyoung’s character, Daisy, was changing costumes, an audience member blatantly used a large camera to take numerous photos. The act was so conspicuous that the camera’s shutter sound was audible throughout the theatre, yet there was no immediate intervention to halt the individual.

Audience Misled and Production Company’s Response

The incident confused the audience … This led some to mistakenly think photography was permitted and start taking pictures with their phones. This breach has sparked significant concerns about the production company’s lax enforcement of the standard no-filming and no-photography policy during stage plays.

In response, the production company has recognized the gravity of the situation and the necessity for more stringent rule enforcement. They have committed to enhancing security in the audience.

The Need for Enhanced Security

The play Wife, is currently being staged at the LG Arts Center in Gangseo-gu, Seoul. The play spans four generations and includes narratives of queer couples living as minorities in society. This unfortunate incident has not only affected the play’s reputation but also underscored the urgent need for enhanced security measures. This is to safeguard the privacy and respect of performers.

The incident at Wife highlights a critical issue in theatre productions. There is a need for robust security measures to protect performers’ privacy and dignity.

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