RIIZE’s Logo Redesign Raises Questions About Seunghan’s Status

RIIZE recently made a subtle yet significant change to their logo. This led to widespread speculation about member Seunghan’s future with the band. Since the release of their latest track Love 119 on January 5 … RIIZE has been actively promoting as a six-member group. Seunghan is on an indefinite hiatus since late November 2023 due to various controversies.

Despite SM Entertainment’s robust defence of Seunghan, including refuting accusations and promising legal action against defamers, there has been no concrete update on his return. The agency’s statement highlighted the severity of defamation Seunghan faced, with fabricated information and false narratives being spread against him.

The Logo Change: From Seven to Name-Only

The most telling sign of Seunghan’s uncertain future came with the alteration of RIIZE’s logo. Previously, the group’s merchandise, such as griptoks and stickers, featured a cue ball design with the number 7, symbolizing their seven members.

However, in a recent shift, the logo now only displays RIIZE’s name, omitting the number altogether. Reports suggest that merchandise bearing the old design has also been removed from their pop-up stores.

Mixed Reactions Among Fans

This change has elicited a mix of confusion, disappointment, and speculation among RIIZE’s fanbase. While some interpret this as an indication that Seunghan may not return, others view the removal of the number, rather than its reduction to six, as a hopeful sign of his eventual comeback. Beyond the speculation, some fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the new design itself.

Awaiting Clarity from SM Entertainment

Amidst these varying interpretations and concerns, fans are primarily seeking a clear and definitive statement from SM Entertainment regarding Seunghan’s future plans. The ambiguity surrounding his status has left fans in a state of uncertainty, eagerly waiting for any official update.

An Uncertain Future for RIIZE and Seunghan

The recent changes in RIIZE’s logo design have sparked a flurry of discussions and theories about Seunghan’s role in the group. As fans continue to debate and speculate, the focus remains on SM Entertainment for an official clarification on this matter.

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