Lee Sung-Kyung donates 100 Million Won to Boost Trauma Care

YG Entertainment recently announced that actress Lee Sung-Kyung made a substantial donation of 100 million won to Dankook University Hospital in December. This act of generosity was inspired by her role in the SBS drama Dr Romantic 3. She portrayed a thoracic surgeon specializing in trauma care in the series.

Inspiration from Dr Romantic 3

Lee’s portrayal of Cha Eun-Jae in Dr Romantic 3 not only garnered acclaim but also sparked her interest in trauma care. She stated, “Participating in a medical drama piqued my interest in the crucial field of trauma care. I wanted to understand the reality of trauma services in Korea and contribute to the medical field’s advancement, especially in saving trauma patients.”

Enhancing Medical Infrastructure

Lee’s donation will go towards improving and expanding the medical facilities at Dankook University Hospital’s regional trauma center. This centre is pivotal in conducting emergency surgeries and treating severe trauma patients in the South Chungcheong region. Her contribution aims to bolster these critical services.

A History of Charitable Engagement

Lee Sung-Kyung’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond this recent donation. She actively participates in various charitable activities, including disaster relief for COVID-19, forest fires, and floods.

Her support also reaches single mothers, low-income families, underprivileged children, and children battling cancer. Furthermore, she has donated proceeds from her original soundtrack (OST) music, showcasing her dedication to diverse social causes.

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