Fans concerned over RED VELVET Seulgi’s alleged stalker

The K-pop community is currently engulfed in a wave of concern for RED VELVET member Seulgi. Fans have have raised serious alarms after noticing an alleged stalker’s disturbing messages to the artist on her social media accounts.

The messages, which were posted over the past few months, were filled with irrational demands and disturbing comments about Seulgi’s personal life. Fans are now urging SM Entertainment to take steps to protect Seulgi’s privacy and personal safety.

Alleged Stalker Messages

One fan posted screenshots of the alleged stalker’s messages, which were left on Seulgi’s Instagram account. The messages, posted by an account named @hi_i_love_seulgi, ‘instructed’ Seulgi not to interact with other male idols. These included NCT’s Taeyong and Doyoung, and GOT7’s BamBam.

Among the more disturbing comments were “Wherever you are don’t let anyone get close to you”, “As soon as they show up, you must leave immediately” and “You are mine”. Fans saw this as an irrational demand on Seulgi, and an indication of possessiveness over her.

Fans were even more concerned by later messages that claimed the alleged stalker knew Seulgi’s home address. The messages contained comments like “I’ll go to your house later” and “I can see your living room from the other side”. They also claimed that they “knew the homes” of other members of the group.

Fans’ Plea for Action

In light of these alarming messages, fans have mobilized to bring attention to the severity of the situation. They are urgently calling on SM Entertainment to take swift and effective measures to ensure Seulgi’s safety. The hashtag #SMPROTECTSEULGI has also gone viral on X, formerly Twitter.

At present, SM Entertainment has yet to publicly comment on the situation. This has only heightened the fans’ concerns, as they fear for the idol’s safety amidst this looming threat.

Need for Proactive Measures

This situation highlights the critical need for entertainment agencies to address and prevent such threats to their artists’ safety. It underscores the importance of agencies to remain vigilant in protecting their artists from such invasive and potentially harmful threats.

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