K-pop News 140124: BTS’ V, Karina, LIMELIGHT and more

Welcome to the K-pop News Roundup for January 14. We bring you the hottest updates from the world of Korean Entertainment! Let’s get into the details of what’s been happening today.

AESPA’s Karina Breaks Instagram Record

AESPA’s Karina has set a new record in the K-pop industry! She became the fastest 4th generation female idol to surpass 10 million followers on Instagram. This significant achievement was reached on January 13th around 3 AM KST… Just 235 days after she opened her personal Instagram account on May 22nd, 2023. Karina’s rapid rise to 10 million followers highlights her growing popularity and influence, marking her as a standout figure in the global K-pop scene.

LIMELIGHT’s Special MV Release

In other news, LIMELIGHT has released a special close-up version MV of their latest title track TA-DA! from their 3rd EP LAST DANCE. Released on January 14, the MV allows fans to appreciate the members’ visuals more intimately. This release comes as LIMELIGHT prepares for a reorganization, adding more members to the group.

Han So-Hee’s Journey to Acting

Meanwhile, actress Han So-Hee recently opened up about her decision to pursue acting over studying abroad. In a YouTube segment with Park Seo-Joon, she revealed that financial constraints and the lucrative opportunities in modelling and acting led her to her current career path.

BTS V’s Fashion Milestone

In the fashion world, BTS V’s (Kim Taehyung) Harper’s BAZAAR Korea issue has become the #1 best-seller on major Korean and Japanese retailers. Taehyung graced the cover of the February 2024 issue, showcasing his versatility and charm as a global fashion icon. His covers, in collaboration with CELINE, topped sales rankings and sold out quickly, reflecting his immense popularity even during his military hiatus.

Gyubin’s Anticipated Debut

Lastly, 17-year-old artist Gyubin is gearing up for her official debut with the single Really Like You, set to release at 12 PM KST on the 17th. Following the release of two tracks last year, Gyubin has already made a name for herself in the music industry, showcasing her unique talent and potential as a rising star.

That wraps up our K-pop News Roundup for January 14! Stay tuned for more updates and stories from your favourite K-pop stars.

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