Law to Protect K-Pop Trainees from Forced Weight Loss and Surgery

The Seoul Metropolitan Council has taken a significant step in protecting the rights of young K-Pop trainees. The newly passed “Ordinance on the Protection and Supports of the Rights and Interests of Young Cultural Artists in Seoul,” was proposed by Councilor Kim Gyu-Nam. It focuses on these aspiring artists’ mental and physical well-being.

Addressing the Core Issues

Located in Seoul, where the majority of South Korea’s entertainment agencies operate, this law is particularly relevant. It aims to combat prevalent industry practices like compulsory weight loss and plastic surgery… Which have long been a source of concern for the health of young trainees.

Supporting Trainees’ Mental Health

The law seeks to prevent physical harm and provides psychological support. This includes reviews and counselling to help young artists cope with the immense pressure and stress in the K-Pop industry.

Real-Life Testimonies Highlighting the Need

Personal accounts from idols like Seolhyun of AOA and Momo of TWICE show the necessity of such a law. Their experiences with the industry’s strict body weight standards shed light on the harsh realities faced by trainees.

Career Counseling for Dropouts

Recognizing the high dropout rate among trainees, the ordinance also offers career counselling. This initiative aims to assist those exploring alternative career paths outside the K-Pop industry.

Councilor Kim Gyu-Nam highlighted the ordinance’s importance, acknowledging the growing global reach of K-Pop and the corresponding increase in pressure on young trainees.

A Step Towards a Healthier Industry

This new law is a big step in making a better and safer environment for young K-Pop trainees in Seoul. It focuses on important problems, working to protect the futures of these young artists by ensuring they have rights and are well taken care of in a tough industry.

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