RIIZE fans outraged after Seunghan is written out of webnovel

RIIZE fans are speaking out in defense of Seunghan after he was written out of the group’s webnovel series. This latest move by SM Entertainment has generated a wave of anger and disappointment, with many calling it “disrespectful”.

The webnovel, Rise and Realize, was released on the Kakao Page platform in August 2023. It featured characters based on RIIZE group members, and was part of their pre-debut promotions. The storyline focused on their personal experiences as a rookie K-pop boy group.

However, the second season of the webnovel released on January 13, 2024 featured an unexpected twist. According to a translated section of the first episode, there was a “big change” to the group’s situation.

One of the members “was unable to continue team activities due to poor health”, resulting in a “choatic atmosphere”. The section continued by saying that the other members had to “quickly accept the situation”.

Reference to Seunghan hiatus

The new development appears to be based upon the recent situation involving RIIZE member Seunghan. He announced his hiatus from the group after several private videos and messages were leaked. Since then, RIIZE has been performing as a six-member group.

Fans are calling out the way the situation was depicted in the webnovel. They view it as a disrespectful way to address Seunghan’s situation, especially considering his privacy was violated.

Many are also upset that the webnovel that framed the absence as a burden to the remaining members. One translated line says that the other members “had to shoulder a little more than their share”.

The cover of the first RIIZE webnovel (left); and the cover of the second season (right).

Fan reactions on social media

The fan community has taken to social media to express their discontent. This sentiment is echoed across various platforms, with fans voicing their disappointment in SM Entertainment’s handling of the situation.

Among the comments seen online:

  • “Who on earth is making these decisions? The company can go to such lengths to exclude Seunghan from everything yet clearly shade him in this web novel that nobody asked for?”
  • “It’s obviously been a hard time for the [other] members. They’re not allowed to talk about it themselves, but SM can use it for a [webnovel] plot.”
  • “If they can use Seunghan’s situation for a plot, they can release a statement. No more excuses.”

Fans are calling for more sensitivity and respect towards Seunghan’s circumstances. They are urging SM Entertainment to clarify Seunghan’s status within the group, and to also respect his contributions to RIIZE so far.

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