SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Exits Concert Due to Bad Health

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan had to make an unexpected exit from the group’s recent ‘Follow’ concert in Bulacan, Philippines, due to health issues, leaving fans worried and sending him their best wishes.

Anticipation and Safety Concerns

The concert, held on January 13, was highly anticipated by Filipino fans, especially after previous issues with concert promoters. Despite safety concerns reported at the venue, SEVENTEEN delivered stellar performances to a packed audience.

Seungkwan’s Noticeable Discomfort

From the soundcheck onwards, Seungkwan appeared to be under the weather, showing signs of fatigue but maintaining his concern for the fans in the sweltering venue. His condition seemed to worsen during the concert, as he appeared more exhausted than usual in some performances.

Mid-Concert Departure

The group members left room for Seungkwan in the post-concert photo

After the unit performances, SEVENTEEN returned to the stage without Seungkwan. Hoshi informed the audience that Seungkwan had been feeling unwell since the morning and would not participate in the remainder of the concert.

Fan Reactions and Support

The group and fans rallied to fill the void left by Seungkwan’s absence, though his presence was greatly missed. Fans took to social media to share their well-wishes for Seungkwan, expressing concern and hoping for a speedy recovery.

Awaiting Official Updates

As of now, there has been no formal update on Seungkwan’s health status. Fans around the world are eagerly waiting for news and hoping for positive developments regarding his condition.

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