Actress Park Min-Young Accused of Lying About Financial Support

Dispatch has revealed that actress Park Min-Young lied about receiving money from her controversial ex-boyfriend, Kang Jong-Hyun. Initially, Park Min-Young denied any financial support from Kang Jong-Hyun and stated she was unaware of his activities while they dated. Her sister even resigned from a director position at a company affiliated with him.

Dispatch Report Unveils Money Transfer

Dispatch’s report uncovered that Park Min-Young received KRW 250 million (about USD 190,000) from Kang Jong-Hyun. The funds were transferred from Kang Jong-Hyun’s company to Park Min-Young’s bank account in a three-step process, disguised as a loan and labelled as “living expenses.”

Kang Jong-Hyun’s Embezzlement Accusations

Kang Jong-Hyun faces accusations of embezzling over KRW 60.0 billion (about USD 45.7 million) from Bithumb and its affiliates. Dispatch reached out to both parties for comments. Kang Jong-Hyun’s side declined to respond, while Park Min-Young’s side received the questions but did not provide any answers. Hook Entertainment, Park Min-Young’s agency, stated they are investigating the Dispatch report. This news followed Dispatch’s revelation in September 2022 about the couple’s relationship.

Park Min-Young’s Label Responds to Allegations

Later, Hook Entertainment responded to the Dispatch exposé, admitting to receiving the money but claiming it was not for Park Min-Young. They stated that Kang Jong-Hyun used Park Min-Young’s bank account for transactions.

Investigation Clears Park Min-Young of Illegal Activity

In February 2023, Park Min-Young was investigated for her involvement with Kang Jong-Hyun’s financial activities. The investigation concluded that she had not engaged in illegal activities and had not profited from any illegal actions.

Public Backlash and Netizens’ Criticism

The response from Hook Entertainment sparked further criticism from netizens. Many accused Park Min-Young of aiding Kang Jong-Hyun in financial crimes. Fans also vowed to boycott her K-Drama Marry My Husband due to the controversy.

Among the comments from netizens include:

  • Wow, she let him use her bank account? That’s money laundering.
  • I think she is telling the truth, considering neither explanation helps her image.
  • But it’s illegal to let someone use your account,
  • Isn’t it worse to let someone use your account? That’s a crime ㅜㅜ.
  • Groundless speculation? Lol.
  • In other words, wasn’t she an accomplice (to Kang Jong-Hyun’s crimes)? I can’t believe some people are using this statement to defend her.
  • She let a scammer use her bank account, but prosecutors didn’t charge her with any crimes? LOL. Wow, I seriously don’t understand the world of celebrities, LOL.
  • If she let Kang Jong-Hyun use her account, then she committed a crime.

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