My Demon Episode 10 Recap and Review

In the latest episode of My Demon, the story resumes with a poignant scene between Gu-Won and the deity. Gu-Won faces a heartrending revelation: for his powers to be restored, Do-Hee must sacrifice her life. The deity makes it clear that their fates are mutually exclusive – only one can survive. This declaration sets in motion the ‘roulette of fate,’ leaving Gu-Won in a state of profound inner conflict.

Ga-Young’s Deception and Seok-Hoon’s Dilemma

Meanwhile, a deceptive twist unfolds as Ga-Young meets Seok-Hoon and discloses Gu-Won’s true identity. She deceitfully suggests that Gu-Won harbours malevolent intentions towards Do-Hee, including the potential theft of her soul. Ga-Young points to Gu-Won’s tattoo as the source of his power and his need for Do-Hee, planting seeds of doubt in Seok-Hoon’s mind. Disturbed by these revelations, Seok-Hoon retreats to his office, delving into research on demons, only to uncover more alarming information.

Tensions at Suk-Min’s Residence

In another part of the story, tension simmers at Suk-Min’s residence despite his fulfilled desires. Do-Hee has relinquished her inheritance, paving the way for Suk-Min to become the new chairperson. Yet, Suk-Min is haunted by memories of the day Do-Hee was brought into his home, sensing his mother’s intentions and perceiving Do-Hee as an adversary from the outset. Adding to the intrigue, Suk-Min erases his messages with Gwang-Chul, unaware that Do-Gyeong is monitoring his actions through a cloned phone, raising questions about his motives for such surveillance.

Gu-Won’s Struggle

Contemplating his difficult choices, Gu-Won returns home, attempting to mask his turmoil with a veneer of happiness. He and Do-Hee spend cherished moments together, trying to savour Do-Hee’s homemade salty cake, engaging in conversations about the apocalypse, and eventually falling asleep during a movie. Despite Gu-Won’s desire to stay awake through the night, Do-Hee succumbs to sleep. In a moment of vulnerability, Gu-Won expresses his fear of losing her. Later, as he tucks her into bed, she murmurs in her sleep, pleading for him to stay. Heartbreakingly, Gu-Won confesses his impending departure to a place beyond her reach.

Gu-Won’s desperate gambit

Realizing the full moon has risen, Gu-Won confronts the deity with a proposal for a new agreement. To his surprise, the deity finds Gu-Won’s optimism and hope unexpected. Gu-Won, determined to fight for both his and Do-Hee’s survival, suggests a wager: if he regains his powers, Do-Hee should be spared. The deity, sceptical of his unwavering faith, dismisses the possibility of such an outcome.

Preparing for the Worst

That night, Gu-Won makes a sombre visit to his office, instructing Bok-Gyu to organize his affairs, a move that signals his preparation for the worst. Bok-Gyu, taken aback by this request, realizes the gravity of Gu-Won’s situation. The following day, as Bok-Gyu struggles to maintain composure, Ga-Young confronts him, extracting the harrowing truth.

The next morning, Gu-Won shares with Do-Hee the significance of the full moon and a potential method to restore his tattoo. Do-Hee, unaware of the true stakes, is elated by the prospect of a solution and suggests they turn their trip to Sokcho into a honeymoon. Oblivious to the impending peril, she spends the rest of her day at the office, immersed in planning the perfect honeymoon.

Elsewhere, Su-Ahn’s concerns about Do-Hee’s potential retaliation linger. Suk-Min, meanwhile, inquires if his son has resolved the issue with the ‘girls.’ Their conversation is interrupted by Se-Ra, but it’s evident that Suk-Min harbours suspicions about his son’s actions.

Returning to Gu-Won, he visits the police station to discuss Gwang-Chul’s case with the detectives. Anxious that he might be considered a suspect, Gu-Won seeks to clear his name. He confesses his fear that the knife found on Gwang-Chul – the same one used in an attack against him – might be a sinister message targeting either him or Do-Hee. Acknowledging the possibility of his demise that night, he implores the police to ensure Do-Hee’s safety.

United Front Against Fate

The narrative then shifts to a tense exchange between Do-Hee and Ga-Young. Ga-Young discloses the high stakes involved, leaving Do-Hee distressed upon learning that Gu-Won is contemplating sacrificing his life for her. In a shocking turn, Ga-Young offers Do-Hee a bottle of poison, suggesting she take her own life instead. However, their conversation is abruptly interrupted by Gu-Won, who sternly rebukes Ga-Young, diminishing her significance in his life.

On the other hand, Do-Hee, desperate for the truth, seeks time to process everything. She visits Bok-Gyu, who provides her with much-needed clarity. After careful consideration, Do-Hee chooses hope over despair. She reassures Gu-Won of their united front, declaring their commitment to fight until the end. Gu-Won, moved by her resolve, embraces her in a moment of solidarity.

In the meantime, Ga-Young persists in her troublesome behaviour. She approaches Seok-Hoon, warning him of the imminent danger to Do-Hee’s soul. She informs him that the upcoming tattoo transfer ritual is his last opportunity to save her, adding another layer of urgency to the unfolding drama.

The Ritual at the Beach

Back with Gu-Won and Do-Hee, the couple arrives at the beach, striving to maintain a positive outlook. They reminisce about their shared experiences, holding onto their memories as they await the rise of the full moon. As night falls, they brace themselves for the ritual, hopeful yet fearful of the potential consequences. Concurrently, Seok-Hoon races against time, determined to save Do-Hee.

Simultaneously, a grand ceremony officially announces Suk-Min’s ascension to the role of chairperson. Despite his triumphant speech and promises of dedication, Su-Ahn’s apprehensions linger, suspecting that the situation might be too favourable to be true. Suk-Min, basking in his newfound power, revels in his victory over his mother, embracing his newfound identity as the ‘devil’ she perceived him to be.

Meanwhile, Gu-Won and Do-Hee make a brief stop at a gas station. Do-Hee enters the shop to purchase a postcard and a cake for a later celebration, unaware of the impending danger.

At this juncture, a dark revelation comes to light: Suk-Min discovers Do-Gyeong’s phone cloning. In a fit of rage, he subjects his son to a brutal punishment, searing him with an iron stick. Suk-Min declares

Suk-Min discovers Do-Gyeong cloned his phone and responds by brutally branding him with a hot iron stick, intending to “fix” and use him. Meanwhile, Se-Ra, unable to bear Do-Gyeong’s agonizing screams, hides and puts on earphones. Suk-Min demands his son to demonstrate his loyalty. In a drastic move, Do-Gyeong crashes into the convenience store where Do-Hee is, while she’s on a call with Seok-Hoon.

The Fiery Ordeal

Seok-Hoon promises to rescue Do-Hee, but she urges him to stay away. When Gu-Won arrives, he finds the store ablaze. Seok-Hoon and Ga-Young also reach the scene simultaneously. Despite Ga-Young’s pleas, Gu-Won insists on entering the inferno, claiming he can’t live without Do-Hee. Ga-Young fears they might both perish, while Seok-Hoon, realizing the gravity of the situation, hesitates and appears to suffer a panic attack before calling for help.

Inside, Gu-Won discovers Do-Hee’s farewell letter, revealing her intention to sacrifice herself. Struck by debris, Gu-Won loses consciousness. The deity overseeing these events reflects on the couple’s choice, seeing it as a testament to human nature and destiny.

Miraculously, Gu-Won regains consciousness and reaches Do-Hee. Upon touching her hand, the mystical tattoo transfers back to him, enabling their escape. Seok-Hoon and Ga-Young watch in relief as Gu-Won emerges from the flames, carrying Do-Hee. Awakening, Do-Hee questions their survival. Gu-Won explains the tattoo’s return, and they share a moment of loving disbelief.

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