Eunji’s Stalker Sentenced

With a firm gavel, the Seoul Central District Court delivered a ruling in the case of APINK’s Jung Eunji. The incident once again spotlighted the gravity of stalking in the entertainment industry. This verdict served as a beacon of justice for Eunji … Who endured a harrowing three-year ordeal of persistent stalking by a 59-year-old woman.

Court’s Decision on Eunji’s Stalker

The Seoul Central District Court has issued a verdict in the case of APINK member Jung Eunji’s stalker, a 59-year-old woman identified as Cho. The court sentenced Cho to a one-year prison term, which has been suspended for a two-year probation period. During this probation, Cho will be under the supervision of a probation officer. Additionally, she is ordered to pay a fine of 100,000 KRW (about $75 USD), complete 120 hours of community service, and undergo 40 hours of educational courses designed to prevent repeat stalking offences.

Stalking Begins with Disturbing Message

Cho’s stalking of Jung Eunji began in March 2020 when she sent a package to Eunji’s residence. The package contained a troubling message wherein Cho asked Eunji to accept her as a maid and cohabitation partner. This incident marked the onset of a series of unsettling behaviours by Cho.

Escalation of Stalking Activities

Cho’s obsession with Eunji escalated over the months. In a concerning development, she followed Eunji to her hair and makeup shop on a motorcycle, two months after sending the initial package. This act of following demonstrated a significant escalation in her stalking behavior.

Persistent Harassment Despite Police Warning

In 2021, Cho’s actions grew more intrusive. She was found staking out near Jung Eunji’s apartment on two separate occasions, in April and July. Despite receiving a stern warning from the police, Cho continued her harassment, bombarding Eunji with numerous messages on Instagram and Bubble. This relentless pursuit led Eunji to ultimately halt her Bubble service in December 2021.

Court Addresses Mental Trauma Caused

In its ruling, the Seoul Central District Court emphasized the severe mental and emotional trauma suffered by Jung Eunji due to Cho’s stalking. The court noted Cho’s refusal to admit guilt and her lack of remorse. The sentence, including probation and mandatory rehabilitation measures, reflects the court’s response to the seriousness of Cho’s actions and the impact on Eunji’s well-being.

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