My Demon Episode 12 Recap and Review

In Episode 12 of My Demon, the narrative begins with Gu-Won contemplating the inevitability of fate. He questions whether a predetermined destiny binds humans or if they have the power to forge their paths. The episode then takes us back two centuries to the genesis of the romance between Wolsim and the aristocratic Yi-Sun.

The Beginnings of a Forbidden Romance

The story introduces Yi-Sun, a charming and privileged young man from an affluent family. Known for his indulgent lifestyle and aversion to academic pursuits, he is adored by his father and the local community. On a day marked by destiny, Yi-Sun decides to forgo his studies in favour of enjoying the beauty of flowers by a river. Here, he encounters Wolsim, a stunningly beautiful woman, skillfully performing a sword dance.

Yi-Sun and Wolsim’s Growing Bond

Wolsim’s grace and beauty captivate Yi-Sun instantly. Despite her allure, Wolsim, aware of Yi-Sun’s reputation, initially seeks to maintain her distance. Yi-Sun, however, is resolute in gaining her attention and begins frequenting the river under the guise of studying. Over time, Wolsim finds herself unable to resist Yi-Sun’s persistent charm. She reveals to him that she was sent to the village after defying a powerful man in Hanyang.

A Love Tested by Society and Faith

Aware of her precarious situation and societal status, Wolsim prefers a life of discretion, resigned to the fact that a marriage with Yi-Sun is unattainable, and her best hope is to become his concubine.

However, her perspective shifts as she spends more time with Yi-Sun, who embraces Catholicism and introduces her to its egalitarian teachings. This newfound faith becomes a beacon of hope for them in a society obsessed with social hierarchy. They both convert to Catholicism and dream of a future where status does not dictate one’s life.

Tragedy Strikes the Star-Crossed Lovers

They plan to marry once Yi-Sun completes his state examination, symbolized by a cross necklace he gifts Wolsim. Tragically, Yi-Sun’s father and the village elders, alarmed by the threat of Catholicism to traditional Confucian values, start a violent campaign against Catholics.

Yi-Sun’s father, in an attempt to protect the village, betrays Wolsim’s faith, leading to her arrest and eventual execution for refusing to denounce Yi-Sun. Yi-Sun, witnessing her death, retaliates in a vengeful and bloody rampage, culminating in his suicide, disillusioned with both God and humanity.

Gu-Won’s Present-Day Turmoil

In the present, Gu-Won awakens from a dream, haunted by his past and his role in Wolsim’s conversion to Catholicism. He fears a similar fate might befall Do-Hee. His wife, sensing his distress, inquires about his nightmare. Gu-Won, masking the truth, downplays the significance of his past relationship, leaving Do-Hee troubled and contemplative.

Confronting the Past and Facing the Future

Meanwhile, Gu-Won seeks answers from the deity about his transformation into a demon, learning that his resentment towards humanity made him an ideal candidate. The deity warns him about the dangers of faith and implies that his fate is self-inflicted. Gu-Won, grappling with this revelation, confides in Bok-Gyu but resolves to keep Do-Hee in the dark to spare her pain.

In a parallel storyline, Se-Ra visits her imprisoned son, Do-Gyeong, who blames her for his predicament. Following a tense encounter, Se-Ra faints upon receiving a shocking phone call. Concurrently, Do-Hee is informed of Do-Gyeong’s death, suspected to be a suicide, though his mother harbours suspicions about her husband’s involvement.

A Funeral Filled with Secrets and Suspicions

At Do-Gyeong’s funeral, Suk-Min feigns familial concern to Do-Hee, urging her to maintain silence for the company’s sake. Do-Hee, however, is not deceived by his pretense. The funeral is further disrupted by Su-Ahn, who is calmed by Suk-Min’s reminder of her children’s inheritance.

As the episode progresses, Gu-Won and Do-Hee visit Chun-seok’s grave, where Do-Hee expresses her unresolved anger and hopes for healing. Meanwhile, Bok-Gyu and Da-jeong navigate their budding relationship with caution, balancing their professional and personal lives.

The episode concludes with Ga-young’s performance, which prompts Gu-Won to confess his past to Do-Hee. Despite his fears, Do-Hee remains committed to their relationship. Episode 12 of My Demon ends with a mysterious interaction between Gu-Won and Chun-seok, hinting at a possible pact made in the past.

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