Jisoo’s New DIOR Ad Ignites Discussion

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has made headlines with her latest advertisement, featuring alongside Hollywood actress Anya Taylor-Joy. This new collaboration has ignited discussions about the idol’s career trajectory. This is because her solo schedules are no longer under YG Entertainment’s management.

Jisoo’s Enduring Partnership with DIOR

Renowned for her role as DIOR’s “Golden Girl”, Jisoo has consistently been in the spotlight for her association with the luxury brand. Her synergy with DIOR has been iconic, maintaining a strong bond despite periods of inactivity in the public eye.

Unveiling of New DIOR Campaign

DIOR recently revealed their new campaign on January 19, showcasing Jisoo and Hollywood actress Anya Taylor-Joy. The “Dior’s 2-Step High Perfection Complexion Routine” campaign features both stars exuding elegance and grace, highlighting their natural beauty.

Visual Chemistry Captivates Netizens

The online release of the campaign photos immediately captured netizens’ attention. The striking visual chemistry between Jisoo and Anya Taylor-Joy … Was a topic of much admiration and discussion among fans and viewers alike.

Speculations and Debates Over Jisoo’s Career Moves

The ad’s release has led to a wave of speculation and debate regarding Jisoo’s career moves following her split from YG Entertainment’s management for her solo activities. Fans and followers began compiling and sharing lists of Jisoo’s recent endeavours, including various filming projects, brand campaigns, and appearances on digital platforms.

Netizens Laud Jisoo’s Packed Schedule

Upon seeing the extensive list of Jisoo’s recent activities, netizens expressed astonishment at how fully booked the idol has been. This has led to a broader discussion about YG Entertainment’s previous management strategies, with many pointing out the plethora of opportunities Jisoo has seized in the past few months. The conversation highlights a growing appreciation for Jisoo’s versatility and ability to thrive in diverse ventures beyond her group activities.

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