My Demon Episode 13 Recap and Review

Episode 13 of My Demon opens with a priest fervently praying for divine protection. The narrative then shifts to a flashback where Chun-Seok confesses to having seen the devil and regrets her greed. This confession likely refers to her encounter with Gu-Won on the night of Do-Hee’s parents’ demise.

Revelation and a Magical Display

In the present, Gu-Won and Do-Hee are in his office, where he finally unveils his past to her. After hearing his entire story, Do-Hee responds with empathy and comfort. Gu-Won, yearning for a joyful conclusion to their tale, orchestrates a magical firefly display, seeing it as an opportunity to alter their fate.

Gu-Won’s Quest Against Fate

The next day, Gu-Won seeks guidance from the deity, questioning his ability to defy fate. True to her nature, the deity responds in enigmatic riddles, suggesting that misfortune often makes humans cherish their happiness. Gu-Won, however, holds a different view. As he departs, the deity ominously muses that happiness can also be toxic for humans, hinting at possible future complications.

Haunting Memories

Back at home, Gu-Won plays the role of a caring husband, using his powers to prepare breakfast for Do-Hee. Their plans for their first Christmas together are marred by a tragic accident they witness, which triggers Do-Hee’s memories of her parents’ death, casting a shadow over her mood. Gu-Won consults Seok-Hoon on ways to uplift Do-Hee, who reveals that Do-Hee’s happiest times were before her parents’ passing.

Do-Hee’s Inner Turmoil

Do-Hee grapples with guilt and fear, hesitant to embrace happiness due to her past losses. Seok-Hoon worries that her sadness has deepened, as she no longer has the distraction of seeking Chun-Seok’s killer and fears losing Gu-Won.

Meanwhile, Do-Hee and her team collaborate with Sunwol on a new product launch, a project that Gu-Won supports but fears may be too taxing for Do-Hee. Later, witnessing her troubled sleep, Gu-Won enters her dream, transforming it into a serene vision of a Christmas reunion with her parents and Chun-Seok.

Romantic Gestures

The following morning, Gu-Won brings home a Christmas tree, planning to decorate it with Do-Hee. Their morning routine is filled with joy and anticipation. Gu-Won, ever the devoted husband, seeks advice from one of Do-Hee’s employees and selects a lovers card, symbolizing the completion of love. This inspires him to surprise Do-Hee with flowers.

Bok-Gyu’s Efforts and Ga-Young’s Decision

In parallel, Bok-Gyu continues to woo Da-Jeong, even attempting to deliver lunch to her, adding comedic relief to their secret relationship. Ga-Young, feeling isolated, decides to leave Sunwol and reconciles with Gu-Won.

Corporate Machinations

Elsewhere, Suk-Min announces significant changes at Sunwol, including the dissolution of the “Industrial Accident Compensation Committee” and a shift towards part-time employment. His wife, haunted by her last conversation with Do-Gyeong, resorts to pills for solace.

The day takes a turn when Do-Hee, Su-Ahn, and Seok-Hoon receive a dinner invitation from Suk-Min. Despite her reluctance, Do-Hee agrees to attend, manipulated by Suk-Min’s mention of Chun-Seok. At the dinner, Suk-Min’s true motive emerges – he wants the family members to sell their shares to him. Do-Hee and Seok-Hoon refuse, while Su-Ahn hesitates. Suk-Min ominously warns Su-Ahn that his patience is wearing thin.

Confrontations and Revelations

The next day, Seok-Hoon discovers Suk-Min’s new directives and confronts him in an impromptu board meeting. Suk-Min, amused by Seok-Hoon’s passion, remains unfazed and even initiates a motion to dismiss him. Concurrently, Se-Ra is hospitalized by her husband, and Gu-Won visits her, seeking the demon manual. Se-ra eventually reveals Suk-Min’s heinous acts, including the murders of his mother and Do-Gyeong, and his attempts on Do-Hee’s life.

Shocking Accusations and a Violent Encounter

Do-Hee confronts Suk-Min, who shockingly accuses Chun-Seok of killing Do-Hee’s parents. He plays a recording to support his claim, painting a sinister picture of his mother’s actions. The confrontation escalates into a physical altercation, with Do-Hee struggling to defend herself against Suk-Min’s violent assault.

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