Yong Jun-Hyung Addresses Relationship with HyunA

After much speculation following their Instagram updates, former BEAST/Highlight member Yong Jun-Hyung has opened up about his relationship with K-pop star HyunA. In a heartfelt message to his fans on the messaging platform fromm, Yong mirrored HyunA’s sentiments, seeking fans’ support and blessings for their relationship.

Yong and HyunA Share Positive Energy

In his message, Yong emphasized the positive impact they have on each other’s lives, a statement often indicative of a romantic relationship. He expressed his hope for fans’ support, acknowledging the surprise his news might have caused.

Yong’s Personal Message to Fans

“Hi! I figured the surprise news might have been shocking to all. We’re doing well, bringing positive energy to each other. I wish that you would please support us! Even though it’s starting to get warmer during the day, it’s still cold at night. I hope you take care of yourselves, don’t get sick, and have a good dinner.” — Yong Jun Hyung

Management Agencies Stay Silent on Relationship

While the couple’s management agencies have chosen not to comment on the relationship reveal, Yong’s latest update suggests that he and HyunA are indeed the New Year’s Couple of 2024, delighting fans with their newfound romance.

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