My Demon Episode 14 Recap and Review

Episode 14 of My Demon begins with a flashback of Se-Ra’s confession to Gu-Won about Suk-Min’s culpability in various crimes. Concurrently, Suk-Min is seen assaulting Do-Hee in his office. Fortunately, Gu-Won uses his teleportation ability to rescue her, taking them to his preferred rooftop for a confrontation.

Despite Suk-Min’s confidence in the demon code of conduct, Gu-Won threatens to torment him. Do-Hee urges Suk-Min to surrender, but he remains defiant, believing he can evade justice. Gu-Won reveals that Se-Ra is en route to the police with incriminating evidence against Suk-Min.

Suk-Min’s Fall and Aftermath

Suk-Min, desperate to keep his crimes hidden, pleads with Gu-Won for a contract, which Gu-Won refuses. In a dramatic turn of events, Suk-Min frees himself from Gu-Won’s grasp, leading to his fall and apparent death. Su-ahn is devastated upon learning of her brother’s crimes and demise, and the detectives are equally stunned. The media quickly latches onto the story, creating a frenzy.

Healing and Uncertainty

Back at home, Gu-Won apologizes to Do-Hee for his delayed intervention and heals her injuries. Seok-Hoon visits to check on Do-Hee, and they learn that Suk-Min’s body is missing, raising questions about his fate.

Do-Hee shares her last conversation with Suk-Min, expressing concern that he might have been truthful about her parents’ death. Seok-Hoon reassures her, but Gu-Won remains worried and vows to always be there for her.

Media Intrusion and Ga- Young’s Farewell

The next day, the priest reads about Suk-Min’s death, and the media hounds Do-Hee for an interview. Her team shields her from the press. Meanwhile, Ga-Young bids farewell to Seok-Hoon, and the mafia gang attempts to reform by opening a restaurant. Se-Ra returns the demon manual to Gu-Won, who inquires about Suk-Min’s last words to Do-Hee. Se-Ra’s response adds to Gu-Won’s concerns.

Do-Hee’s Quest for Truth

At the office, Do-Hee struggles to dismiss Suk-Min’s allegations. Her investigation leads her to question Da-Jeong about Chun-Seok’s past, uncovering more mysteries. Gu-Won and Do-Hee visit Chun-Seok’s office, where a crucifix triggers memories of the priest.

The Priest’s Revelation

The priest, expecting Do-Hee, reveals the truth about her parents’ demise. Chun-Seok had pursued them in a car chase, leading to their fatal accident. Gu-Won arrived but refused to renegotiate a contract with Do-Hee’s father, leading to his death. Chun-Seok, witnessing the events, was injured in the ensuing explosion.

Do-Hee’s Shock and Gu-Won’s Guilt

Do-Hee is stunned to learn about Gu-Won’s involvement in her parents’ death. Although she tries to maintain composure, Gu-Won overhears her crying and feels remorseful. He informs her of his intention to make a new deal and departs, leaving Do-Hee to contemplate the revelations.

Gu-Won’s Dilemma and Do-Hee’s Realization

Gu-Won meets with the priest, who advises him to distance himself from Do-Hee, reminding him of his past actions. The deity later visits Gu-Won, explaining that his and Do-Hee’s relationship was doomed from the start. Gu-Won returns home to find Do-Hee gone and tracks her to Chun-Seok’s grave, overhearing her conflicted thoughts about their relationship.

Unravelling Relationships and Do-Hee’s Pain

Do-Hee oversees the new product launch at Sunwol and encounters Ga-Young, who wishes her well before departing. In Gu-Won’s office, Do-Hee witnesses a woman dying as Gu-Won refuses to cancel a contract, realizing the harsh reality of his demonic nature. This revelation frightens her, leading to a strained encounter with Gu-Won.

Gu-Won’s Departure and Do-Hee’s Despair

Seok-Hoon finds Do-Hee distressed and learns of her deep hurt caused by loved ones. Gu-Won, after a conversation with the deity, waits for Do-Hee outside her office, suggesting they take a walk. Do-Hee clings to normalcy, discussing Christmas plans, but Gu-Won, realizing the pain he’s caused, releases her hand and disappears, leaving Do-Hee in tears and alone.

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