Solo Leveling Anime Hints at Major Story Arc

Solo Leveling is quickly becoming 2024’s biggest anime hit, with its pilot episode teasing one of the manhwa’s major arcs. The anime has set the stage for protagonist Jinwoo’s thrilling journey, hinting at the upcoming Jeju Island Arc right from the opening scene.

Opening Song by Sawano Hiroyuki and TXT

The anime’s opening song, LEveL, features a collaboration with famed anime composer Sawano Hiroyuki and K-pop boy band TOMMOROWxTOGETHER (TXT). This partnership highlights a quality collaboration between Japan and South Korea, adding to the anime’s appeal.

Flashback Sets Stage for Jeju Island Arc

Episode #1 of Solo Leveling opens with a flashback to the third Jeju Island Raid, deviating from the manhwa but effectively establishing the looming threat. This introduction to Solo Leveling’s world also features prominent S-rank hunters like Baek Yoonho, Eunseok, and Choi Jong-In, exciting fans with a glimpse of their anime designs.

Jeju Island Arc: A Pivotal Moment in Jinwoo’s Journey

The Jeju Island Arc is a fan-favourite and a crucial turning point in Jinwoo’s story. It showcases intense action and marks Jinwoo’s rise as a national hero as he single-handedly defeats the island’s ants. The flashback in episode #1 sets the stage for this monumental battle.

Jinwoo’s Battle Against Ant King Beru

The arc’s main highlight is Jinwoo’s battle against Beru, the Ant King, who becomes a fan favourite. The arc also promises significant developments, including additions to Jinwoo’s shadow army. However, with only 12 episodes planned, it’s uncertain if the current season will cover the entire Jeju Island Arc.

Possibility of a Movie Adaptation for the Arc

If the anime series doesn’t cover the Jeju Island Arc, fans might see it adapted into a movie. This would allow for enhanced animation and a more epic portrayal of the arc. The future of Solo Leveling as a franchise hinges on the anime’s success, leaving fans eager to see if the series’ biggest arc will be animated.

According to Japan’s official website and home media release schedule, season 1 of Solo Leveling will have 12 episodes. The anime can be streamed on Netflix.

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