Fans Urge HYBE to Dismiss Controversial Director

HYBE faces mounting pressure from fans demanding the dismissal of a director accused of endangering TXT members. This call for action stems from concerns over the group’s choreography.

Viral Protest Against HYBE

A post titled “Another Truck Was Sent To HYBE” gained widespread attention on January 22. The author shared photos of a truck sent to HYBE headquarters, symbolizing the protest.

BIGHIT is the label that hasn’t gotten its act together despite the views from its Challenge and Cover videos from the past 5 years.
TXT’s unqualified director needs to get out after (choosing choreography) that has zero impact and zero harmony. They have proved their lack of ability by choosing the most predictable choreography.
BIGHIT is the only label that has given a non-experienced director full control of a group.

Fans Criticize TXT’s Choreography

The post’s author expressed TXT fans’ frustrations over the group’s choreography, describing it as both lacklustre and hazardous. This sentiment has garnered significant support from netizens and fans alike.

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