My Demon Episode 15 Recap and Review

Episode 15 of My Demon opens with Gu-Won leaving Do-Hee, overwhelmed by guilt. Do-Hee, longing to work through their issues, is left heartbroken as Gu-Won vanishes without giving her a chance to express her feelings. In the days that follow, Do-Hee strives to remain strong amidst the turmoil surrounding Suk-Min’s case, focusing on her responsibilities at the company.

Do-Hee meets with the Chief Prosecutor, who happens to be her original blind date, only to learn that the case against Suk-Min is closed since he is legally declared dead. Despite this, Do-Hee requests further investigation, suspecting Suk-Min might still be alive.

Grief and Reflection

At Sunwol, employees speculate about Gu-Won’s whereabouts. Su-Ahn, mourning her new reality, finds solace in her children’s comfort. Ga-young, preparing to leave, reflects on her past actions and acknowledges her excessive obsession. The mafia gang, grieving their leader’s disappearance, struggles with their new restaurant venture. Bok-Gyu, managing the foundation, contemplates giving Do-Hee a cross necklace but ultimately decides against it.

Support and Advice

Da-Jeong, observing Do-Hee’s coping mechanism, advises her to confront her pain, emphasizing the necessity of grieving. Seok-Hoon, concerned for Do-Hee, regularly checks on her, offering support and companionship. He shares insights into Chun-Seok’s feelings of guilt and love towards Do-Hee.

Suk-Min’s Sinister Plans

Meanwhile, Suk-Min, severely burned and hiding among the homeless, meticulously plans his revenge, biding his time for the perfect moment to strike.

Unaware of Suk-Min’s intentions, Do-Hee continues her life, feeling the absence of Gu-Won. She denies her suffering, convincing herself of her inherent solitude. Gu-Won, however, secretly watches over her, healing her injuries and ensuring her safety, even when she is unaware.

Memories of a Past Life

Bok-Gyu eventually gives Do-Hee the cross necklace, triggering her memories of her past life as Wolsim. She recalls her love for Yi-Sun and the meaning he brought to her life, understanding Gu-Won’s actions but wishing he had stayed.

Suk-Min’s Kidnapping and Final Confrontation

In a dramatic turn, Do-Hee is kidnapped by Suk-Min, who uses her as bait to lure Gu-Won. Suk-Min, blaming others for his downfall, injures Do-Hee to force Gu-Won’s appearance. Gu-Won, enraged at seeing Do-Hee harmed, confronts Suk-Min, nearly killing him in his fury.

Do-Hee’s Sacrifice and Gu-Won’s Final Act

Gu-Won makes the ultimate sacrifice in My Demon Episode 15

As Gu-Won and Do-Hee reunite, Suk-Min seizes the opportunity to shoot, but Do-Hee heroically shields Gu-Won, taking the bullet herself. Gu-Won, devastated, breathes life into her, sacrificing himself in the process. Do-Hee awakens in his arms, only to witness Gu-Won’s heartbreaking disappearance, leaving behind only his wedding ring.

A Love Remembered

The episode concludes with a montage of Gu-Won and Do-Hee’s moments together, a poignant reminder of their deep love and the tragic end to their story. The scene captures the profound sadness of losing a loved one in such a surreal and irrevocable way.

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