My Demon Episode 16 Recap and Review

In the final episode of My Demon, the story resumes with the heart-wrenching scene of Gu-Won combusting into thin air. Do-Hee, overwhelmed with grief, is inconsolable, and even the deity is visibly moved by Gu-Won’s selfless act. The clocks in Gu-Won’s office come to a standstill, symbolizing his departure, and those who knew him mourn in their own ways.

Suk-Min’s Fate and Do-Hee’s Grief

Following Gu-Won’s “death,” Do-Hee is engulfed in sorrow. She struggles to cope with her loss. Suk-Min, arrested for his crimes and sentenced to death. This is a small consolation for his numerous misdeeds. He is haunted by the ghost of his mother, a fitting end for his villainous journey. Se-Ra, his wife, seeks redemption by starting a shelter for children of domestic abuse, and apologizing to Do-Hee for her past actions.

Do-Hee’s Healing Process

Do-Hee, grappling with the void left by Gu-Won, finds solace in the support of Seok-Hoon and Da-Jeong. Despite her plans for a Christmas with Gu-Won, she faces the holiday season alone, visiting their special spot by the river in remembrance.

A Miraculous Reunion

On Christmas Day, Do-Hee makes a deal with the deity, asking for Gu-Won’s return. The deity, moved by her plea and Gu-Won’s earlier bet, grants her wish. Gu-Won reappears, reuniting with Do-Hee in a magical moment surrounded by floating water droplets.

Gu-Won’s Return Explained

Gu-Won’s return is the result of his previous bet with the deity and her compassion towards the couple’s enduring love. The deity, touched by their story, reinstates Gu-Won as a demon, allowing the couple to resume their life together.

Revelations and Celebrations

Gu-Won reveals to Do-Hee that her father’s deal with him was to save his pregnant wife and child, shedding light on the ten extra years Do-Hee had with her parents. The couple celebrates their belated Christmas and returns to work, where everyone, especially Seok-Hoon, welcomes Gu-Won warmly.

Seok-Hoon takes over as the chairperson of the company, demonstrating capable leadership. Do-Hee supports him, and even Su-Ahn aligns herself with the new management for the sake of her children’s future.

Ga-Young’s Decision

Ga-Young, initially planning to leave for England, encounters a young girl in need and decides to stay in Korea to protect her. Her character development is highlighted as she becomes a guardian angel for the girl, reminiscent of how Gu-Won once saved her.

A Satisfying Conclusion

The show concludes with Bok-Gyu and Da-Jeong’s relationship blossoming publicly, while Gu-Won and Do-Hee navigate minor disagreements with their usual affectionate banter. Four months later, their love remains strong. The final scene depicts the couple sharing a kiss in the park, under the approving gaze of the deity, bringing My Demon to a heartwarming and satisfying close.

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