Seungri’s Controversial Fanmeet

Seungri, the former BIGBANG member, has re-emerged in the public eye by hosting fan meetings, stirring a mix of reactions.

Seungri’s Burning Sun Venture and Scandal

In 2018, Seungri launched the Burning Sun club at Seoul’s Le Meridien Hotel. Initially celebrated as a high-end venue, it soon became the centre of the infamous Burning Sun scandal. This scandal, involving underage prostitution and other heinous crimes, is one of the most notorious in K-Pop history.

Kim Sang Kyo’s Assault and Scandal Exposure

The scandal unravelled following an incident where Kim Sang Kyo was assaulted at Burning Sun while trying to help a sexually harassed woman. This event led to the exposure of the club’s criminal activities.

Seungri’s Legal Troubles and Sentence Reduction

Seungri faced nine charges related to the scandal and was initially sentenced to 3 years in prison. This sentence was later reduced to 18 months.

Fan Meeting in Cambodia and G-Dragon Promise

Recently, Seungri hosted a crowded fan meeting in Cambodia, reportedly a birthday event at Prince Brewing. He excited fans by promising to bring G-Dragon to Cambodia, although no BIGBANG members attended.

Mixed Reactions to Seungri’s Public Appearance

While loyal fans expressed enthusiasm over Seungri’s appearance, Korean netizens reacted differently, some shocked by his release from prison. The event has sparked a debate among fans and the general public.

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