Renewed Criticism for Marry My Husband

Park Min Young’s K-Drama Marry My Husband has once again become the focus of criticism … This time for its wardrobe choices.

Wardrobe Choices Under Scrutiny

On January 23, multiple news outlets criticized Park Min-Young’s character’s outfits in the drama. Critics pointed out that her attire was inappropriate for an office environment. MK Sports cast a critical eye on the actress’s ensemble, declaring it a touch too extravagant for the understated character she portrayed.

Critiques On Overstated Outfits

MK Sports specifically criticized the unrealistic nature of the character’s wardrobe. The outlet noted that her extravagant outfits, often from luxury designer brands, were a misfit for an office worker’s role.

Although it is great that Kang Ji-Young learns to love herself through a new opportunity, her overstated outfits aren’t believable for an office worker and stand out like a blemish.

The luxury designer brands that she is adorned in are gaudy and don’t match the character. One outfit in which she reveals her shoulders seems more suited for the K-drama‘s press conference rather than an office space and made audiences laugh out loud.” — MK Sports

Netizens React to Wardrobe Choices

Netizens have voiced their opinions on this issue, with many agreeing that Park Min-Young’s outfits were excessive and ill-suited for her character. However, some netizens have come to the defence of the wardrobe choices in the drama.

Recent Controversy

Marry My Husband a K-drama adapted from a web novel and webtoon … Encountered significant backlash following a scandal involving its lead actress, Park Min-Young, and her ex-boyfriend. The controversy surrounding Park Min-Young’s personal life sparked widespread public reaction, impacting the reception of the drama.

This adaptation found itself at the centre of heated discussions, not for its content … But due to the off-screen drama involving its main star. Boycott calls emerged, prompting discussions about separating art from artist.