BABYMONSTER’s Teaser Backlash and AhYeon rejoins

BABYMONSTER has released a teaser poster for their upcoming pre-release single Stuck in the Middle, but it has quickly sparked backlash. The YG Entertainment girl group, set for a full debut following Batter Up, faces criticism for the teaser’s art direction.

Netizens React to Ethereal Teaser Image

In the teaser, BABYMONSTER appears in white gowns against a purple sky, presenting an ethereal look. However, netizens have reacted negatively, with many labelling the poster as tacky and criticizing YG Entertainment for losing touch with current K-Pop trends.

Comments on YG Entertainment’s Design Choices

Several netizens have expressed disappointment in the teaser’s design, with comments ranging from comparisons to a school play poster to calls for a stronger design team. The criticism highlights a disconnect between YG Entertainment’s creative direction and market expectations.

AhYeon’s Return to BABYMONSTER

Amidst the controversy, YG Entertainment’s founder Yang Hyun-Suk announced that AhYeon will rejoin BABYMONSTER. This news comes after her absence raised speculation among fans.

BABYMONSTER’s Journey to Debut

YG Entertainment announced in May 2021 their plans to debut a new girl group, their first since BLACKPINK in 2016. BABYMONSTER’s pre-debut reality program, Last Evaluation, hinted at a dynamic group lineup, eventually leading to the inclusion of all seven trainees: Ruka, Pharita, Rora, Asa, Chiquita, AhYeon, and Rami (Haram).

Speculation and Delays Surrounding Debut

Before their official debut, member AhYeon’s absence from social media and group activities fueled rumours about her future with the group. The delay in BABYMONSTER’s debut furthered these speculations.

YG Entertainment Clarifies AhYeon’s Status

Initially, YG Entertainment stated they would address AhYeon’s situation later, eventually revealing her absence was due to health reasons. On January 24, 2024, Yang Hyun-Suk confirmed AhYeon’s recovery and return, announcing that the group would re-record Batter Up as a complete seven-member lineup.

Looking Forward to BABYMONSTER’s Future

With AhYeon’s return, BABYMONSTER is set to continue as a seven-member group, starting with their mini-album release in April. Fans can now anticipate the group’s activities as a complete lineup, despite the recent backlash over their teaser.

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