NEWJEANS’ Faces Backlash Over Coca-Cola Endorsement

NEWJEANS’ latest collaboration with Coca-Cola has ignited a significant controversy. The K-pop group’s social media posts, featuring members with Coca-Cola cans, have drawn widespread disapproval from fans.

Dispute Over Coca-Cola’s Operations in Conflict Zone

The controversy centres on Coca-Cola’s operations in the contentious Israel-Palestine region. Fans accuse the brand of benefiting from Israel’s alleged illegal occupation and apartheid practices in Palestine.

NGO Criticizes Coca-Cola’s Factory Location

Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA), a UK-based NGO advocating for Palestinian rights, has criticized Coca-Cola. They claim the brand owns a factory in an illegal Israeli settlement on disputed Palestinian territory, often leading to the displacement of Palestinian communities.

NEWJEANS’ Ongoing Relationship with Coca-Cola

NEWJEANS’ partnership with Coca-Cola began last March as ambassadors of Coca-Cola Zero. They participated in promotional campaigns and released a music video for the brand’s “ZERO” initiative.

Social Media Movement Calls for Boycotts

The recent focus on the Israel-Palestine conflict has spurred a social media movement calling for boycotts against companies involved in the conflict. This sentiment has resonated with the K-pop fanbase, leading to the “Boycott The Big 4” campaign against major K-pop companies.

Backlash Intensifies with New Instagram Post

The backlash intensified following NEWJEANS’ Instagram post promoting Coca-Cola, which garnered over 800,000 likes. Fans questioned the timing of this endorsement, noting a hiatus in promotional activities. A tweet highlighting these concerns received over 19,000 likes, sparking widespread discussion.

Fans Voice Disapproval on Social Media

NEWJEANS’ Instagram post has become a focal point for fans’ disapproval, with many expressing their discontent in the comments section. As the backlash grows, it remains to be seen if HYBE, ADOR, or Coca-Cola will respond to the controversy. However, the fanbase’s dissatisfaction is evident and growing.

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