SISTAR19 in ‘Diaper’ Fashion Flak

SISTAR19 members Bora and Hyolyn have recently come under fire for their fashion choices, with netizens likening their outfits to “diapers.” This controversial trend has always elicited mixed reactions in K-pop.

Mixed Reactions to Outfits in New Song

The duo’s new song, NO MORE, marked their comeback with a bold and impactful track. Despite their stunning visuals and talent showcased in a winter wonderland-themed video, their white fluffy ensembles have drawn attention for the wrong reasons.

Netizens Compare Outfits to Diapers

Netizens have compared the shorts worn by the pair to diapers, particularly noting their resemblance to the Huggies brand. This comparison has been a topic of discussion in the video’s comments since its release.

Concerns Voiced Over Fashion Choices

Even before the TikTok challenge related to the song, netizens expressed concerns about the outfits. While acknowledging the idols’ undeniable visuals, many found the pants’ design ridiculous.

Fashion Extremes in K-Pop

Bora and Hyolyn, as K-pop pioneers, are no strangers to experimental fashion. However, this instance shows that even the most stunning idols can face criticism for extreme fashion choices. The “Diaper” trend in this case has become a point of contention.

Watch Sistar19 and their new MV NO MORE below:

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