HyunA Loses Followers After Relationship Reveal

HyunA has been facing substantial negative attention since announcing her relationship with former HIGHLIGHT member Yong Jun-Hyung, known for his involvement in the Burning Sun Scandal.

Shock Among K-pop Fans

Fans are shocked that HyunA, often seen as a feminist icon in K-pop, is now romantically linked with someone implicated in a sex video scandal. This revelation has led to a rapid decline in her popularity, with fan clubs closing and a noticeable impact on her social media following.

Significant Follower Loss on Instagram

Initially, HyunA lost about 100,000 Instagram followers, dropping from 18.4 million to 18.3 million. However, her follower count has continued to decrease, now standing at around 18.2 million. This loss is significant, considering the engagement her posts typically receive.

Netizens Speculate on Follower Authenticity

Some netizens speculate that many of HyunA’s followers might be bots, given the relatively low engagement on her posts. This theory arises from the discrepancy between her high follower count and the average likes per post.

Ongoing Trend of Follower Loss

The trend of losing followers is likely to persist, especially since HyunA has not yet addressed the controversy surrounding her new relationship. Netizens are actively discussing this issue on online forums, reflecting the widespread interest in the matter.

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