BE:LIFT LAB And HYBE Face Plagiarism Claims over ENHYPEN Performance

BE:LIFT LAB and HYBE are under scrutiny after an artist accused them of plagiarizing his work for ENHYPEN’s performance at the Golden Disc Awards.

ENHYPEN’s Performance Marred by Controversy

Allegations of music plagiarism now overshadow ENHYPEN’s performance, which previously stood out for its potent music and choreography.

Artist Mobiius Claims Unauthorized Use of His Song

Artist Mobiius revealed that his track Choke was used without permission or credit for ENHYPEN’s dance break. He highlighted the lack of acknowledgement from the company in a video comparison of the performance and his song.

Mobiius Clarifies No Blame on ENHYPEN Members

In his video and comments, Mobiius emphasized that his issue is with BE:LIFT LAB and HYBE, not the ENHYPEN members. He called for proper credit and acknowledgement of his work.

Netizens Express Outrage and Demand Action

Netizens reacted strongly to the allegations, with some describing the similarity as an “exact” copy. Fans and online users are calling for a statement from BE:LIFT LAB, stressing the importance of originality or proper credit in artistic creations.

Further Updates from Mobiius

Mobiius has uploaded a follow-up video (see below) offering more details about the plagiarism accusations. In this new video, he clarifies that ENHYPEN is not responsible for the infringement and expresses a desire to reach out to BE:LIFT LAB and HYBE for a resolution. Fans and the general public are now anticipating further updates on this matter.

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