RIIZE Airport Mob Chaos

RIIZE has once again been subjected to a frightening experience at Gimpo International Airport, sparking widespread outrage among fans and observers. This latest incident continues a disturbing trend of aggressive fan behaviour in the K-Pop world.

RIIZE’s Recurring Nightmare at Airports

The group previously endured a distressing situation at Incheon International Airport during their Paris departure. The intense mob of fans created a chaotic and dangerous environment, leading to significant online criticism and safety concerns.

Dangerous Crowding at Gimpo Airport

At Gimpo International Airport, fans swarmed the area, creating a hazardous situation. In a particularly alarming moment, members Shotaro and Sohee were separated from their group amidst the pushing and shoving crowd.

Media Highlights Severity of Situation

The severity of the incident was not lost on Korean media, which reported on the distressing scene of Shotaro being mobbed by fans. The coverage brought attention to the seriousness of these recurring incidents.

Similar Incident Post-Osaka Fan Meeting

RIIZE has faced similar situations before, such as after their Osaka fan meeting. Despite security efforts, controlling the overwhelming crowd proved difficult, with members Shotaro and Anton nearly caught in accidents.

Calls for Better Security and Fan Conduct

Fans and netizens have voiced their frustration and concern, criticizing the inadequate security measures and extreme fan behaviour. These incidents have led to calls for legal regulations and improved management of fan interactions in public spaces.

A Wake-Up Call for the Industry and Fans

These airport incidents serve as wake-up calls, highlighting the need for responsible fan behaviour and respect for idols’ personal space and safety. The industry and fans alike must address these concerns to prevent further dangerous situations.

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