Korean SEVENTEEN Fans Announce Boycott

SEVENTEEN’s Korean fanbase has declared a boycott of the group’s upcoming encore concert series, escalating tensions within the fandom.

Controversy Over Encore Concert Tour

The controversy ignited following the announcement of SEVENTEEN’s encore concert tour in Korea and Japan. Korean fans expressed their displeasure over the group’s decision to celebrate their 9th anniversary in Japan, feeling overlooked.

Social Media Uproar and Organized Boycott

Korean CARATS have taken to social media platforms to organize and vocalize their boycott against the concert. The movement reflects a growing dissatisfaction among the Korean fan community.

Pledis Entertainment Faces Multiple Controversies

This incident adds to a series of controversies surrounding Pledis Entertainment. The label has recently faced criticism for allegedly downplaying the achievements of other idol groups, further straining its relationship with fans.

Awaiting Response from Pledis Entertainment

As the boycott gains momentum, Pledis Entertainment has yet to address the backlash from Korean SEVENTEEN fans. The situation underscores the delicate balance between global promotions and maintaining a strong domestic fanbase.

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