Wayne Huang’s Half-Apology for Vulgar Comment towards LE SSERAFIM

Taiwanese actor Wayne Huang, also known as Huang Weijin, has issued a half-apology following his sexually suggestive remark about K-pop group LE SSERAFIM.

Incident at 2024 Superstar Red & White Entertainment Awards

The controversy erupted during the 2024 Superstar Red & White Entertainment Awards in Taiwan, where Huang made a vulgar comment about LE SSERAFIM during their performance.

Actor’s Attempt to Clarify Comment

Huang later clarified his comment, which seemed to imply a desire to “insert himself” into LE SSERAFIM’s lower area, as a reference to fried sweet potato balls. This explanation, however, did little to quell the growing criticism.

Wayne Huang Addresses Allegations on Instagram

Responding to the backlash, Wayne Huang took to Instagram to apologize. He insisted his comment was about sharing food with an idol and not meant to be offensive. Despite his explanation, many found the apology lacking full accountability.

Huang’s full Instagram statement read:

I received a lot of messages and comments. Thank you, everyone, for the warning and advice. I have things to say regarding what happened on stage today. This is what happened.

For that segment, the members were supposed to have a taste of the food one by one. Yunjin was going to eat a fried sweet potato ball by inserting the bamboo skewer stick into it. So, by instinct, I wanted to react to it so that this process wouldn’t be filled with silence. Then, I said something that caused a misunderstanding.

What I wanted to convey was, “It’s great to be able to share food with an idol one likes.

”I did not mean anything else. I apologize to viewers who felt uncomfortable after hearing what was said. I should pay more attention to the details and usage of certain words and sentences. This is where I was lacking.

I’m very sorry.I prepared for the hosting of this show very diligently. It was not my wish to cause any discomfort for anyone. I hope everyone can believe. I absolutely, totally did not mean it that way. I’m thankful for everyone’s criticism and advice. I’ll certainly pay more attention to the words I use going forward. Once again, I sincerely apologize.— Wayne Huang

Actor’s Statement on Misunderstanding

In his statement, Huang acknowledged the need for careful word choice and expressed regret for any discomfort caused. He emphasized his preparation for the hosting role and his intention not to cause discomfort.

Huang thanked his critics for their warnings and advice, promising to be more mindful of his language in the future. He reiterated his apology to those who felt uncomfortable.

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