(G)I-DLE Breaks Sales Record with ‘2’

(G)I-DLE has made a triumphant return with their second full-length album ‘2‘, setting a new first-day sales record and showcasing their unique style.

Impressive First-Day Sales on Hanteo Chart

The girl group’s latest album ‘2‘ recorded a staggering 862,992 copies sold on its first day, surpassing their previous record held by the mini-album I feel.

Global Popularity and iTunes Chart Success

Demonstrating their global appeal, ‘2‘ topped the iTunes Top Albums Charts in 24 regions, including the U.S. and Europe. The album also achieved a first in the U.S. iTunes Top 100 Chart.

Mixed Reactions to Super Lady

While the album has been met with enthusiasm, the title track Super Lady has received mixed reactions. Some praise its empowering message, while others are less impressed.

Comparisons with Previous Hits

Comparisons are being drawn between Super Lady and the group’s previous hits like TOMBOY and Nxde. The song’s performance on the MelOn chart is being closely watched, with its peak at #30 on the daily chart and #21 on the hourly chart.

Potential for Chart Comeback

Despite the mixed reception, Super Lady still has the potential to climb the charts. The song’s initial ranking is being compared to earlier tracks like Senorita and Oh My God, which had higher peaks.

Anticipation for Mnet’s M Countdown Performance

(G)I-DLE is set to showcase their comeback stage on Mnet’s M Countdown on February 1st, further building anticipation for their continued success with ‘2‘. Check out their MV for Super Lady below:

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