NEWJEANS’ Danielle & Hanni Share Their Essentials

Danielle and Hanni from NEWJEANS recently appeared on Vogue Australia’s YouTube channel, sharing insights into their personal lives and the things they can’t live without.

Hanni Knows Danielle’s Essentials

Hanni was quick to identify that Danielle, known for her sociability, treasures family and company above all. This insight reflects Danielle’s deep connection with her group members, emphasizing the importance of companionship in her life.

Danielle’s Unique Necessity: Carrots

In a surprising revelation, Hanni also noted Danielle’s unique attachment to carrots, showcasing a lighter and more personal side to the idol’s daily preferences.

Hanni’s Love for Music and Guitar

When it came to Hanni’s indispensable item, Danielle accurately guessed her guitar, underscoring Hanni’s passion for music and her commitment to her craft as a singer and musician.

A Glimpse into Their Professional and Personal Values

The exchange between Danielle and Hanni not only highlights their understanding of each other but also sheds light on their values related to their profession and personal lives.

Discover More About Danielle and Hanni

For fans eager to learn more about the personal preferences and essential items of NewJeans’ Danielle and Hanni, the full video on Vogue Australia’s YouTube channel offers an intimate look into their lives.

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