Earning Power Of Top Actresses Park Eun-Bin and Han So-Hee

Recent reports on the appearance fees for actresses Park Eun-Bin and Han So-Hee have ignited a debate online, showcasing the lucrative earnings of top Korean drama stars.

Park Eun-Bin’s Whopping Fee for Hyper Knife

Park Eun-Bin is reportedly negotiating a fee of KRW 300 million (about USD 224,000) per episode for her upcoming show Hyper Knife. This potential increase follows her success in Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Castaway Diva, highlighting her popularity.

Han So-Hee’s High Earnings for Gyeongseong Creature

Similarly, Han So-Hee’s fee for Gyeongseong Creature on Netflix is reported at KRW 200 million (about USD 149,000) per episode. Despite being relatively new to leading roles, her fee reflects her significant market impact.

Comparison with Industry Veterans

The discussion extends to industry veterans like IU and Suzy, with speculation about their potential higher fees. Netizens express surprise, particularly at Han So-Hee’s earnings, considering her shorter career span.

Netizens React to the Reported Fees

While some netizens are shocked by the figures, others justify the high fees based on the actresses’ international popularity and contribution to the global success of Korean entertainment.

Understanding the Industry’s Pay Scale

Insiders note that increasing an actor’s fee by 1.2 to 1.3 times following a successful project is customary. However, Park Eun-Bin’s potential 100% increase signifies her exceptional market value.

Debate Over Justifiable Earnings

The debate continues on whether the high fees are justifiable, with a majority acknowledging the actresses’ worth given their domestic and international impact.

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