Kim Jiwoong Caught in Video Call Controversy

A video call clip between ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong and a fan has sparked controversy, with allegations of the idol cursing after the call ended.

Fan Shares Controversial Clip

A fan shared a clip asking for opinions after allegedly hearing Jiwoong curse post-call. The incident took place at a multi-idol video call event, where calls get muted and covered during transitions.

In the video, Jiwoong bids farewell to a fan. After the video call appears to “end,” the idol is allegedly heard saying “shibal,” a Korean expletive equivalent to “f*ck.”

Jiwoong’s Background and Rise to Fame

Kim Jiwoong, formerly of INX, has navigated a challenging path in K-Pop before securing his spot in ZEROBASEONE through Boys Planet.

WAKEONE Addresses Member Protection Amid Controversy

Following the controversy, WAKEONE released a statement addressing crimes against members but did not directly comment on Jiwoong’s incident. Fans question the timing, noting the company’s silence on past member issues.

Fans Rally for Clarity and Action

The incident has led to a divide among fans, with some seeking to clear Jiwoong’s searches, while others demand a more transparent response from WAKEONE regarding member protection and the specific controversy.

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