Controversial Fan Requests at ENHYPEN Fan Sign

A recent in-person fan sign event for ENHYPEN in Macao has sparked controversy due to a fan’s unsettling requests, leaving many online feeling disgusted.

Fan’s Disturbing Interaction with Jake

Clips circulating online show a fan wearing a dog collar and leash approaching member Jake with a request to be his “puppy dog” and asking him to be her “master.” The interaction, including Jake petting the fan, has raised concerns about boundaries at fan events.

Uncomfortable Request to Jungwon

The fan also recounted panicking and poking Jungwon’s dimple, then asking if she could call him ‘mommy. She claimed his “too cute” appearance justified her request, but critics say the incident crossed respect boundaries.

Fan Reaction and Concerns Over Sexualization

Fans and netizens have expressed anger over these requests, highlighting them as disrespectful and potentially part of personal sexual interests. There’s a growing call for idols’ dignity to be protected and not to be involved in fans’ gratifications.

Calls for Stricter Guidelines at Fan Events

The incident has sparked calls for stricter fan sign event guidelines to avoid similar uncomfortable situations. Many are advocating for measures that ensure the safety and respect of both idols and fans during these interactions.

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