Calls for Kim Jiwoong’s ZEROBASEONE Exit

Kim Jiwoong, a member of ZEROBASEONE, has become the centre of controversy lately. This is following allegations of inappropriate behaviour during a video call fan sign event.

Alleged Cursing Incident Sparks Outrage

The controversy began when Kim Jiwoong was accused of cursing after a video call with a fan. This is after thinking the call had ended. The incident, captured due to a video and audio cutoff lag, has led to significant backlash.

Company’s Response Criticized

WAKEONE issued a statement, promising a forensic investigation but not directly addressing the incident. The company has been criticised for its lack of specificity and failure to deny the allegations directly.

Fans Mobilize with Protest Trucks

In response, a union of fans has organized protest trucks calling for Kim Jiwoong’s withdrawal from the group. The trucks, previewed for February 5, 2024, feature messages condemning the alleged behaviour and demanding his exit.

Netizens Side with Opposing Fans

The fan-led campaign has garnered support from netizens, who echo the sentiment that Kim Jiwoong should leave the group due to the negative impact on ZEROBASEONE and its fanbase.

Company’s Silence Further Fuels Discontent

The company’s silence and roundabout statement have only worsened the situation from the fans’ perspective, with calls for a more direct response and accountability for Kim Jiwoong’s actions.

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