Hyeri Eyes Lead in LGBTQ+ K-Drama

Hyeri is in talks to take on a lead role in TVING’s forthcoming Girls Love K-Drama. The project, Friendly Competition is based on a popular webtoon. This marks a bold new move for the multi-talented South Korean actress, singer and personality.

A Story of Rivalry and Love

Based on the webtoon Friendly Competition … The drama tells the story of Woo Seulgi and Yoo Jei, top students at the elite Chaehwa Girls’ High School. It weaves a narrative of mystery, psychological thriller, and the blossoming love between the two protagonists.

Hyeri’s Potential Role as Yoo Jei

Marking a departure from her previous roles, Hyeri is set to portray Yoo Jei, a character renowned for her intellect and talents. The drama promises to explore the evolving relationship between Yoo Jei and Woo Seulgi, showcasing their journey from rivals to lovers.

Creative Group ING Confirms Discussions

Hyeri’s agency, Creative Group ING, has confirmed that the actress is positively considering the role, indicating her potential involvement in the project.

Anticipation Builds Among Netizens

Netizens have met the news of Hyeri’s possible casting in Friendly Competition with enthusiasm. Many are excited about the representation of LGBTQ+ themes in K-Drama and commend Hyeri for her bold choice of roles.

No Broadcast Date Set Yet for Friendly Competition

While Friendly Competition is still in the early stages of production, with no confirmed broadcast date, the anticipation for this Girls Love K-Drama continues to grow, promising a fresh and compelling addition to the genre.

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