TWS’s Plot Twist Climbs Korean Charts

TWS, the new boy group dubbed as SEVENTEEN’s younger brother … Has made a remarkable entry into the K-pop scene. Their debut album Sparkling Blue and its hit title track Plot Twist.

Rising Popularity Among New Generation Boy Groups

In a landscape recently dominated by girl groups, TWS, alongside ZEROBASEONE and RIIZE, represents the promising resurgence of boy groups. Plot Twist in particular has captured the attention of K-pop fans, drawing comparisons to NEWJEANS for its impressive chart performance.

Plot Twist Achieves Rapid Growth on MelOn

The song’s unique daily listeners on MelOn have seen a significant increase, particularly in the past week, showcasing the growing interest and reception among listeners. Plot Twist has ascended to #13 on the MelOn Top 100 chart, a notable achievement for a rookie group.

Visualizing TWS’s Streaming Success

Graphs illustrating the rapid rise in streaming numbers for Plot Twist highlight the song’s burgeoning popularity and its status as one of the highest-charting boy group songs on Korean music charts in recent times.

TWS’s Chart Performance Sparks Discussion

The success of Plot Twist on music charts has sparked discussions among netizens and fans, with many celebrating the promising start for TWS and anticipating the group’s future contributions to the K-pop industry.

Check out TWS performing Plot Twist below:

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