Jisoo Given Cartier’s Royal Welcome in Paris

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, a global ambassador for Cartier since May 2022, recently experienced the luxury brand’s royal treatment during her visit to Paris for a Cartier schedule.

Cartier’s Warm Reception for Jisoo

Upon her arrival in Paris, Jisoo shared on Instagram the special gifts prepared by Cartier. This includes flowers, a heartfelt welcome letter, and exquisite jewellery, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to their ambassador.

Exclusive Trinity Collection Gift

Among the gifts, Jisoo highlighted a personalized red ring box containing a special piece from Cartier’s 100th-anniversary Trinity collection. The ring, a blend of 18K golds and brilliant-cut diamonds, showcases the luxury and craftsmanship associated with Cartier.

Jisoo’s Trinity Ring: A Symbol of Luxury

The Trinity ring gifted to Jisoo features a mix of classic design and diamond embellishments, with prices starting at USD 9,800 for a single row of diamonds and reaching USD 25,300 for a fully encircled three-row diamond design.

Jisoo’s Ambassadorship Reflects Cartier’s Elegance

Jisoo’s ambassadorship and the lavish gifts from Cartier in Paris underscore the synergy between BLACKPINK’s elegance and the luxury brand’s prestigious image, further solidifying her status as a global fashion icon.

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