Lisa Unveils Her Artist Management Company, LLOUD

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has taken a significant step in her career by launching LLOUD, her own artist management company, aiming to bring her vision in music and entertainment to life.

A New Chapter for Lisa

Announced via her Instagram, Lisa’s LLOUD promises an exciting journey into music and entertainment, inviting fans to explore new boundaries alongside her. The venture represents Lisa’s commitment to innovation and authenticity in the industry.

LLOUD’s Mission and Vision

The official website for LLOUD describes the company as a platform for creating transcendent experiences that bridge genres and generations. With a focus on relentless innovation and authenticity, LLOUD seeks to redefine the music landscape.

Lisa as LLOUD’s Inaugural Artist

Currently, Lisa is the sole artist under LLOUD, highlighted on the website for her global impact in music and fashion. The profile emphasizes her achievements beyond BLACKPINK, showcasing her as a trailblazer in the industry.

BLACKPINK Members Embark on Solo Ventures

Following the non-renewal of individual contracts with YG Entertainment, Lisa becomes the third BLACKPINK member to launch her own label, joining Jennie’s Odd Atelier and Jisoo’s reported Blissoo agency. Fans eagerly await news on Rosé’s future plans.

LLOUD: Charting New Territories in Music

With LLOUD … Lisa is set to push the envelope in artist management, promising chart-topping and genre-defying music that resonates across generations. The launch of LLOUD marks a new era for Lisa and her fans, as they embark on this groundbreaking journey together.

Lisa’s fans can check out LLOUD’s Instagram here, X (Twitter) here, and YouTube channel here!