NCT Fans Outraged Over Packed Schedule

NCT, the largest K-pop group under SM Entertainment, faces scheduling conflicts that have led to fan dissatisfaction. With 26 members and numerous subunits, overlapping promotions have become contentious.

Ten and Taeyong’s Comebacks Clash

The announcement of WayV Ten’s solo album Ten for February 13 was met with enthusiasm, but the excitement was dampened by the close scheduling of NCT 127’s Taeyong’s comeback on February 26. Fans criticized SM for shortening Ten’s promotion period in favour of Taeyong, accusing the company of favouritism.

SM’s 2024 Schedule Overload

Further complicating matters, SM’s plans for the first half of 2024 include NCT DREAM’s comeback in March and NCT WISH’s debut on February 28, adding to the already crowded schedule. Fans are concerned that the company is trying to cram too many activities into a short timeframe.

NEO CITY: THE UNITY Tour Disappointments

The NEO CITY: THE UNITY tour’s scheduling issues have also drawn criticism. Despite promises of more dates, fans fear additional concerts won’t materialize due to the packed schedule.

Calls for Better Planning from SM

As NCT grows, fans urge SM Entertainment to improve its scheduling strategy to ensure fair promotion for all members and subunits, avoiding conflicts that could undermine the group’s cohesion and fan support.

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