AESPA’s Ningning Joins Versace as Global Ambassador

In an exciting fashion collaboration … AESPA’s Ningning has been unveiled as the latest global brand ambassador for the iconic luxury fashion house, Versace.

Versace Welcomes Ningning to the Family

Donatella Versace, the creative force behind Versace, praised Ningning for her exceptional talent and vibrant personality. Describing Ningning as a perfect fit for Versace, Donatella expressed her excitement about Ningning joining the Versace family. She highlighted Ningning’s fashion-forward vision and the energy she brings to the brand.

Ningning’s Vision Aligns with Versace

Ningning shared her enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing Versace’s role in promoting creative expression and self-confidence … Particularly within the music industry. She expressed how wearing Versace empowers her and hopes to inspire others to embrace their confidence through the brand’s distinctive style.

A Perfect Match: Ningning and Versace

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Ningning as she steps into a global ambassador role, representing Versace’s commitment to empowering individuals through fashion. With Ningning at the forefront, Versace continues to bridge the worlds of luxury fashion and music.

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