K-Pop News 090224: IU, BTS, Seulgi of RED VELVET and more

Hello K-pop fans! Here’s your daily dose of K-pop News Digest for February 9, 2024. Let’s dive into today’s headline-making stories. Read about NEWJEANS’ upcoming performance at the Billboard Women in Music event, FIFTY FIFTY making their much-awaited return, HyunA and her controversial boyfriend spotted in public for the first time, and more. Check out today’s K-pop News Digest to catch up on the most buzzworthy moments and milestones that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

IU and Park Bo-Gum to star in romantic drama

IU and Park Bo Gum
IU and Park Bo-Gum in a Netflix promo image (left) and a behind-the-scenes photo (right).

Singer-actress IU will star alongside Park Bo-Gum in the upcoming romance drama When Life Gives You Tangerines. Fans were thrilled after a behind-the-scenes photo was released showcasing their adorable chemistry. The drama, set in Jeju, is a slice-of-life romance featuring IU as Ae Soon, an aspiring poet from a poor background, and Park Bo-Gum as Gwan Shik, a quiet man who has loved Ae Soon since childhood. The drama is expected to stream on Netflix in 2024.

BTS’ Dynamite hits 1.8 billion streams on Spotify

BTS documentary set for release

BTS has made history with their hit English single Dynamite, surpassing 1.8 billion streams on Spotify. Released in August 2020, Dynamite is the first song by a K-pop and Asian act to reach this milestone on the platform, continuing to showcase BTS’ global influence.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi on Doctor Slump OST


Seulgi from Red Velvet has lent her voice to the OST of Doctor Slump, singing the theme song In My Memory. The drama stars Park Shin-Hye and Park Hyung-Sik as two burnt out doctors reminiscing about their school days. Fans have praised Seulgi for her emotional performance on the track. The song’s lyrics capture the feeling of reconnecting with someone from the past.

XIKERS’ Junghoon still on hiatus, will miss comeback

Junghoon (left) and fellow XIKERS members. – www.instagram.com/@ xikers_official

KQ Entertainment has announced that Junghoon from XIKERS will continue his hiatus due to a torn cruciate ligament. Despite undergoing surgery and rehabilitation, he will not participate in the group’s upcoming album. Instead, XIKERS will be promoting the album with a 9-member lineup. XIKERS will make a comeback in March.

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